Turning Stories Into Ads: Dave Trott & Paul Grubb on LWT

A treasure trove of stuff about how great ads got made. Inspiring stuff. Have a read when you have some time.


I’ve written previous posts on ‘turning stories into ads’, The Guardian, BBC’s Panorama and GQ.
I wrote them because it struck me that although the brands were very different, what they wanted was exactly the same; An appropriate look to hold an idea about any subject under the sun.
Take The Guardian, the ads I worked on ranged from the trial of mass murderer Fred West to the fact that footballer Jurgen Klinsmann couldn’t stay upright if their was another footballer within a circumference of ten feet.

It now seems to be the way media does media.

You rarely see media owners talking about what they stand for, like The Economist, now it’s more likely to be ‘we have this bit of content on Tuesday’.

When chatting to Dave Trott recently, it  occurred to me that they could probably all be traced back to GGT’s  LWT poster campaign.
I don’t know if it was the first, but it’s…

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